Professional services

Hammam - massage - mud treatment - baths - Facial care

Our signatures


Let yourself be surprised by the atmosphere of Les Bains and simply choose your treatment.
Our service formulas come in 4 different signatures to choose per person:

Each signature offers you a personal selection of Hamman, mud treatments, massages, baths and face care. Enjoy the treatments alone, as a couple, with family or friends, in a soothing and intimate atmosphere. What is your signature?

Hammam & Spa Signature 1 - Professional massages

Signature  1.

The Escape

The perfect escape. Let yourself be carried away by a feeling of comfort in a soothing environment for 1 hour by choosing one treatment from our selection:




Facial care

MAD 550
1 hour
Hammam & Spa Signature 2 - Natural products

Signature  2.

The Legacy

Discover an oasis of peace and tranquility and enjoy a 2-hour ritual by choosing two treatments from our selection:


Mud treatment


Facial care

MAD 900
2 hours
Hammam & Spa Signature 3 - Duo couple massage

Signature  3.

The Timeless

Rejuvenate yourself completely and let your mind experience a 3-hour ritual by choosing three treatments from our selection:


Mud treatment


Facial care

MAD 1300
3 hours
Hammam & Spa Signature 4 - Natural oils

Signature  4.

The Extravagance

Disconnection and pure well-being. Take the time for a 4-hour ritual and let your senses wander by choosing four treatments from our selection:


Mud treatment



Facial care

MAD 1600
4 hours

Our treatments


Your final selection of treatments will be made at the spa.
Here is the full overview of our professional services included in your choice of Signature.

The Traditional Relaxant

Beldi soap scrub using Kessa’s glove
and Ghassoul mask with plants

The Detox

Beldi soap body scrub using Kessa’s glove
and a wrap of algues

The Purifying

Citrus sea salt crystals body scrub
and lemon clay mask

The Moisturizer

Body scrub with sugar, beeswax, sesame, apricot
and rose clay mask

The Stimulant

Crystal sea salt body scrub of 3 teas
and mint clay mask

Mud treatments
The Relaxant

Enveloping ritual with rose clay

The Tonic

Enveloping ritual with eucalyptus clay

The Detoxifier

Enveloping ritual with citrus clay

The Relaxant

45 minutes bath with bitter orange salts
and small Bigaradier seeds

The Tonic

45 minutes of salt baths
and aromatic plants

The Detoxifier

45 minutes of oriental baths
with seaweed salts

Facial treatments
The Purifying

1h of purifying treatment, astringent, anti-comedone treatment
and correction

The Tenderness

1h of treatment for delicate, sensitive skin
and anti-redness treatment

The Vitality

1h moisturizer
& dry skin care

The Lift-Eternal Youth*

1h of an eternal youthful treatment:
regenerating and anti-aging
*MAD 100 extra charge

The Serenity

1h of massage

The Intense*

1h of massage
*MAD 100 extra charge

The Detox

1h of massage

The Future Mom

Relaxing for pregnant women
1h of massage with natural oils


Traditionally relaxing
1h massage with herbal pouches and hot oil
*MAD 100 extra charge

The Awakening of the senses

1h of massage, including:
30min plantar reflexology + 30min face and head

Les Bains de Marrakech Sea Salt Scrub